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varied recurring events, in Google Calendar

Pretty easy to set up those recurring,  ‘every Monday/Wednesday calls’ once I realized that new parameters become available once you select a general time structure, first….


super-swingin’ jet-set types

I’m sorry, but Nixon’s tapes are just classic….


Ummm, errr, sure.  SaaS has indeed been around in different formats for a while, that’s correct.  But if this author is trying to imply that its a…doomed concept, or something — and its hard to tell because he never really advances a definitive statement — well, man is he going to be embarassed down the road  :^)

real numbers behind software and services

No surprises here, for all the attention hardware gets Software and Services continue to have strong growth potential.  And until S & S vastly improves on its promise, I don’t see that slowing….


Good for you, IBM.  Microsoft and Borland customers need to press them to get on board too; is just the kind of thing that could possibly save ALM as an enterprise concept…


I’m not really interested in this ‘verification’ functionality, or even the long-term viability of it.  But I enjoy all the comments of small-minded people challenging the worth of it, and the entrepreneur who created it calmly trying to reason with their claims.

I mean, maybe the venture won’t ultimately be profitable (though I bet it will), but regardless its at least worthy.  There’s definitely been worse ideas afterall, and The Long Tail warrants at least trying it, you know?

review anything

Haven’t used this yet, but love the idea.  I’ve always felt that one of the most empowering capabilities of the internet/web is the enablement of consumers — of giving them a voice.  And likewise, enabling forward-thinking companies to be responsive…

push Gmail directly to Gcal?

This is yet another nifty trick from Gmail’s labs, that I found from searching for something else.

But surprisingly, what I was searching for is simpler, yet doesn’t seem to exist.  And that was simply a way to ‘push’ out an email directly to the calendar (in the ‘description’ field), whereby you could just then assign the date/time parameters as needed.

And yes, I know about copy and paste, but hey that requires like, alt-tab and stuff :^)

Or maybe it does exist and I just didn’t find?  Seems simple enough….

life’s mysteries #342

Why do people answer the phone when they quote “don’t have time to talk”?

Are they really not familiar with the concept of voice mail?

Just curious…

Top 3

The best 3 professional athletes who dominated during their run, in my lifetime; in order

  • 3.
  • 2.
  • 1. And my man, still leading after 3 days for yet ANOTHER major