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check out sometime

Jason Isbell, my favorite musician’s brand new blog



I’m an avid weightlifter, and this injury sounds terrible.  Can’t imagine how it happened, especially since he had a spotter.

more confirmation

No real surprises here in this BA report that’s come out.  But I’d be interested to learn more about what they really mean by Requirements Maturity, given they feel that that (and not method) is what’s most relevant…..

I mean, they classified it in terms of ad-hoc, defined, implemented, institutionalized and optimizing — but not sure how that type of thing is really measured.

dang, dude’s harsh

ALM news

MKS’ Integrity suite gets broader….

warning signs

My favorite in this top-ten styled list — “The requirements definition is begun four months after development started” :^)


Ok, I can certainly admire Rational for doing this, but at the same time wonder if its the best idea……

a sure sign that…

text messaging — as a primary form of communication — has officially jumped the shark.

don’t get it

I couldn’t be more of a conservative person, politically.  (Note I didn’t necessarily say “republican”, however.)  But even so, I see no reason whatsoever to fear schoolchildren listening to their sitting president.  Regardless of how liberal he is….

Limiting exposure to flawed idealism is one’s worse strategy, for ultimately combating it.

Yes! Re-think Requirements Def

Exactly what some of us have long said:  “Agile development, Gerush said, requires more casual forms of documentation, and more visual forms and prototypes. User stories replace a thick requirements document, and the process of definition is more collaborative.

‘Business analysts can help organizations become more agile with a little recognition that the traditional way we elicit, define and manage change doesn’t work,’ Gerush noted.”