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No real surprises here in this BA report that’s come out.  But I’d be interested to learn more about what they really mean by Requirements Maturity, given they feel that that (and not method) is what’s most relevant…..

I mean, they classified it in terms of ad-hoc, defined, implemented, institutionalized and optimizing — but not sure how that type of thing is really measured.


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  1. David W. Wright on

    Have a look at this slide show, describes what each level is in each capability area…

    • markinatlanta on

      Thanks David!

  2. Matthias on

    Okay. I get the requirements maturity model; however, technical business analysis is a unique skill set. I don’t believe you can mature most resources in the same fashion as you can mature requirements. That was the implication I got from the slide show.

  3. David W. Wright on

    The model has six capability areas, one of which is Staff Competency, so I am not sure how you came to this conclusion. In practice, Staff Competency is improved through training, adoption of standards, and support from a Requirements Center of Excellence, so resources cam mature and become more effective.

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