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“a very good time for a Rand resurgence”

Despite what one might think about Mark Sandford, he’s correct here.  All would be wise to re-visit her philosophies, and  suppress this culture of …dependence.


Automatic activity diagrams

Wow, would really like to see this Ravenflow RRC plug-in in action.  Automated activity diagrams is an awesome concept.  If, that is, it works :^)


Pretty good new tutorial for HATS, I stumbled across.  I’m always surprised at how many people don’t realize that technology for automating application modernization, even exists.


I like this new Twitter functionality, but at the same time it seems….quite complex.  You know, for what (is supposed to be simple) micro-blogging…

opening up Outlook

Interesting move by MS.  A little late though, it seems.  There was a time that this could have really insured Outlook as a corporate standard…..

GoogleDocs growing more robust

More GoogleDocs innovation.  Love the ’email me when ready’ capability…

acceptance growing

Nothing at all new here, to those who recognize the right way to define requirements; but still it is nice to start seeing this leak out of the bigger consultancies.  That shows that it (visualization) is well on its way to becoming an eventual ‘best practice’.

And the quote “Humans are very poor at saying precisely what they do want and extraordinarily talented at recognizing what they don’t want” is a definite keeper :^)

Parasoft CEO interview

Pretty good interview, I ran across.

My fave line: “too many developers are still trying to write software from scratch instead of creating modules and re-using them.”  Amen.

Still, he’s light on how to really institute the organizational change, necessary.

great read

Have finally gotten around to reading Ecology of a Cracker Childhood.  Can’t believe its taken this long.  What a great and (actually realistic) southern book.


These are great tips, I’m sure.  But I just wonder how many times realists get mis-identified as ‘pessimists‘.  Because while I’ve encountered many realists in organizations, I haven’t seen as many true pessimists.  And I fear sometimes the peppy, cheerleader type personalities can incorrectly assess realists, due to ( a type of feeling of) threat…