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‘free’ is always good

Pretty useful list of Free Tools worth checking out.  I knew a lot of them already, but a few new (to me) gems in there


ladies and gentlemen….

…introducing…..the future

RRC 2.0

Sorry for the lack of activity, have been working on a new whitepaper :^)

But be  sure and check out this great description of the updated Rational Requirements Composer 2.0

And have a happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

the Cloud, taking shape

I really like how The Burton Group analyst quoted in this article frames up the current cloud paradigms:

“The cloud market has typically been sliced up into software-as-a-service offerings (Google Apps), platform-as-a-service offerings (Microsoft Azure), and hardware infrastructure-as-a-service offerings (Amazon’s EC2)….IBM’s move fits into another category that has seen increasing attention called a software infrastructure-as-a service offering”

validating television broadcasting’s worth

Absolutely can not recommend enough, this new series on The History Channel.  Over 2 years in development; they’ve found all this new WWII film and digitized it in a non-cheesy way, and it is utterly compelling.

Truly must see, the kind of experience you don’t even want to end after 2 hours…

more innovation from Google

Not sure that the world needed another programming language, but……here we “go”….

social efficiency

Like the new (to me, anyway) LinkedIn/Twitter connection.  Need more of those type integrations to solidify all these social platforms….


CCC documentary

Can not recommend this American Experience episode enough, for fellow History buffs.

The libertarian in me will always question the creation of federal government programs in the Keynesian tradition; but if its going to be done there will never be a greater model to emulate than that of the CCC

major news, on the ALM front

Visual Studio finally builds a bridge, to Eclipse

Will really help Microsoft, down the road; and be an additional challenge for Rational, Borland, MKS, et al.  Very smart move.

Sales 2.0

Interesting eBook I plan to check out when I get time.  Always interested in modern, innovative technology and consultative sales techniques — with key word being modern.