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laid off chronicle

Pretty interesting blog, if you follow it, of a fellow IBMer who was impacted by resource actions of last year.

He makes some good points, in it.


Automatic, indeed

Very cool, a tribute to R.E.M.’s landmark ‘Automatic For The People‘, free to download…

an alternative strategy for IT

Two thoughts, about this well articulated opinion piece arguing that IT should NOT see its internal recipients as ‘customers’:

  1. If you’ll notice the underlying problem to every example given here is actually…. wait for it… poor Requirements Definition.  As usual, that isn’t really seen for the universal problem it is.  In other words if quality Requirements Definition was consistently possible, then you could respond to internal groups as customers.  However since Requirements Definition is so universally mismanaged in enterprises, I agree (mostly) with the author…
  2. As to the actual argument proposed, where this alternative approach breaks down is that (in general) IT management isn’t equipped to serve as a strategic peer to business.   I think this is due to many factors rather than just one, but how many of us have met IT management in enterprises that we really feel have their finger on the pulse of the company’s overall mission in the larger marketplace?  That’s not their background, focus, etc.  In most cases.

“You should start now”

App development on the cloud.

Ya think?

But in all seriousness, its good for Forrester to issue such a proclamation, for the more conservative enterprises.

Lean Six Sigma

Great resource from the Military for Lean Six Sigma that I came across, just linking to for others….

packaging for the cloud

Thought-provoking proposal (I think, at least) on the concept of ‘packaging’ software, for ease of deployment on any arbitrary cloud service

The Bird List

another great link, for fans of real music