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BI gains steam

Interesting (though not really surprising) survey numbers, from office of CIO



Found this to be a pretty good summary/overview of all the recent acquisitions activity in Enterprise Software, of late.  Regardless of the whole ‘grading’ thing author attempts to do…

clap, clap, clap

And now you see yet another benefit of the Jazz architecture.  The only real question is why Rational wasn’t sooner, to the space.

“a big national experiment on stress”

Distressing article to be sure, but well done and a must read for all: America Transformed

trend reversal?

(source: LinkedIn)

Gcal tip

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, just been super busy….

Here’s a great tip I ran across, for Google Calendar users needing to import an ICS.  The key evidently is the whole ‘Make the calendar publicly accessible’ thing…