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ALM vendor Q&A

Pretty interesting Q&A here, with Micro Focus.

Don’t know that I fully followed the discourse on them and OpenALM now, but big thumbs up on

  • “focusing more energy and effort around the early [Requirements] stages”
  • “drive to agile methodologies is critical”
  • “fully committed to moving into cloud as fast as possible”

first Vista, now this

This was a pretty stunning announcement, if you stop to think about it.

Protectionist issues aside, I find it even more interesting from an organizational standpoint.  Don’t you as a leading software company begin to lose some of your creditability and thought capital organizationally over time, with a choice like this?

new VS

Good early marks for latest release of Visual Studio.

Not really surprising, as Microsoft’s always been under-appreciated for its IDE capabilities…


Extremely impressed with the vision of this company.

A sole focus on Collaborative ALM (via Rational Jazz) served up to clients as SaaS.  What organization couldn’t benefit, from that?

meet the new boss….same as the old…

Ahh, how things change.  I remember when ‘java‘ was poised (in the industry press) to take over the world, and all those poor microsoft ‘business’ developers and webheads had no future :^)