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Google’s multiple battlepoints

Excellent summary of the varying battles being played out, by Google…..


sure hope so, but….

…..productivity gains have been maxed for a long time, this column on how hiring is due to finally pick up could’ve been wrote a year ago, in my opinion.

slowly dying model

“5 years” is too aggressive, but long term this projection re: outsourcing is dead on.

Also nice to see someone recognize in print, the impact SaaS will eventually have in on-shoring :^)

10+10 still = 20

I absolutely love it when technology disrupts antiquated business models — and textbook publishing sure meets that description.

Those quotes from the publishing exec are classic, speaking of their “value-based pricing” attempts.  Yeah, you’ve been all over that for years, huh?

good for them

Wow, fascinating concept that Panera is trying.  It will be very interesting to see if it truly scales, though…..

“a big national experiment on stress”

Distressing article to be sure, but well done and a must read for all: America Transformed

trend reversal?

(source: LinkedIn)

cities forecasting job growth

Wow, good for west central Georgia’s Columbus, where I once lived….

working with Rates that vary

Aha, so SUMPRODUCT() is your friend, when calculating sliding scales. Good to know, takes a lot of work out of things like commission schedules….

Worth pondering

I’ve admittedly just ran across this, but find it highly…..challenging, to say the least.  And intriguing.  I’m no protectionist, but…..there’s some really great points in here, particularly at the disfunction of shipping out high-skill jobs.