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sure hope so, but….

…..productivity gains have been maxed for a long time, this column on how hiring is due to finally pick up could’ve been wrote a year ago, in my opinion.


working with Rates that vary

Aha, so SUMPRODUCT() is your friend, when calculating sliding scales. Good to know, takes a lot of work out of things like commission schedules….

Tools aren’t lazy, people are

Theoretically, I have to always go with a ‘don’t blame the tool blame the content’ concept.  BUT I do think there’s an even bigger issue, behind this opinion piece.  And in some ways it relates to my ’email’ post a few days back.

Too many smart, professional, otherwise impressive people are too lazy in today’s world, when it comes to r-e-a-d-i-n-g.  I am for being concise, but not every single concept should be distilled down to bullet points.  And all these perpetual ‘firefighters’ out there should put down their waterhoses sometimes, take a deep breath, and be willing to r-e-a-d things in a calm and collective, interpretive manner.

That, moreso than just PowerPoint, is the real issue with too many bad decisions being formed.