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Google’s multiple battlepoints

Excellent summary of the varying battles being played out, by Google…..


a disappearing dysfunction though, fortunately

Well of course they are.  Its called shelfware.  It happens – over and over – because companies (i.e. the Buyers) buy based on ‘contractual’ terms, instead of true need.

The good news?  SaaS will eliminate this dysfunction over time.  Because SaaS = pay only for what you consume :^)

Vendor Emphasis, in Cloud focus

Good ‘summary of vendor emphasis’ I thought, contained in this Gartner release on cloud future…

…still the same…

Interesting numbers.  Not regarding Firefox or Safari, but the IE – Chrome distance (still).  Yet more evidence that perception rarely equals reality, when it comes to Microsoft…..

can’t (yet) get there, from here

Google hiccups in trying to become a big boy.  The lesson?  Software for the enterprise is a whole other ballgame, than it is for a consumer base…

And, of course, its all about quality Requirements Definition.  But then that’s a given, isn’t it?


I referenced Go once before, and am glad to see Google execs talking about it now publicly.  I for one am very interested to see if developers flock to it, if for no other reason than based on Google being behind it…

an iPad for grown ups

Great move, Cisco :^)

getting started w/ online collab, for free :^)

New WebEx offering, check it out!

portable desktops – coming soon

A beautiful vision indeed, and one that I don’t think is too far-fetched, based on the rapid advancements that occurred on the server side, of virtualization….

Cloud survey data

If you have the time, this is a great read I came across in some Collaboration SaaS research I’ve been doing, regarding current opinion on the cloud