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Google’s multiple battlepoints

Excellent summary of the varying battles being played out, by Google…..


who needs privacy, as long as you’re ‘hip’

The sad thing is, this probably makes most of the Apple cultists I know, happy.

coming soon, to a mall near you

Too awesome not to share.  This is such an accurate representation, of some Apple cult members, I’ve known…

don’t call it a comeback

As I’ve shared before, I’m a big fan of email, and always am surprised at the bad rap it gets.  Here’s yet more data showing that when it comes to marketing, consumers actually still prefer it, regardless of the reputation social techniques currently have…

Gcal tip

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, just been super busy….

Here’s a great tip I ran across, for Google Calendar users needing to import an ICS.  The key evidently is the whole ‘Make the calendar publicly accessible’ thing…

Goog phone update

sad (for me) update on the Google phone, appears even though it will be sold open its GSM so I guess that means only AT&T or T-Mobile, in US. Since I’ve never heard anything good about those two carriers, guess I’ll have to shoot for Droid on Verizon instead…

want it


‘free’ is always good

Pretty useful list of Free Tools worth checking out.  I knew a lot of them already, but a few new (to me) gems in there

ladies and gentlemen….

…introducing…..the future

social efficiency

Like the new (to me, anyway) LinkedIn/Twitter connection.  Need more of those type integrations to solidify all these social platforms….