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With the advent of Google + I see blogs as no longer relevant.  But by all means, come look me up over there….


apologies for being away…

After taking a new and exciting role last year with my current employer, got away from posting here for a while.  Am still busy with that of course, but am going to try and get back on the wagon, so to speak……

The Bird List

another great link, for fans of real music

great weightlifting resource

Great must-share site, for fellow avid weightlifters.
Can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.
Clean, organized directory of exercises and their variations.

check out sometime

Jason Isbell, my favorite musician’s brand new blog


‘Duluth’ could not BE more of a TRAP, if you know what I mean.  So……serves them right….to a degree.  Not the stolen truck of course, but just the general embarassment  :^)

life’s mysteries #342

Why do people answer the phone when they quote “don’t have time to talk”?

Are they really not familiar with the concept of voice mail?

Just curious…

trade school

Was disappointed at my alma mater’s ranking in latest Forbes list (#211). Then, of course, I dug to the bottom to see where the ‘academic bastion’ on North Ave. in Atlanta was at. You know, #420…


This makes me happy

Drive-By Truckers Rarities Comp, DVD Due

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Hello world!

Welcome all!  Wanting to try the blog thing once more, this time on WordPress…