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why isn’t anyone else getting it yet?

(Know that its been a long time, have been busy with work…)

But for those with an interest in sports, I’m fascinated by how the NCAA and my SEC are allowing Auburn to cheat weekly, with Cam Newton.  Latest great essay I’ve seen on the contradiction, here; check it out if like me you’ve been following the story…


SEC humor

some funny SEC football styled T-Shirts, here :^)

give us a break, Urban

Two recent columns here and here (subscription required for full content) on a subject I couldn’t agree more with: The fallacy of high-visibility roles — in this case athletic coaches — being more stressful than other roles.

This has come up of course because the jackleg  Urban Crier has wrung his hands on the national stage about his health, first quitting a job and then taking it back the next day.  Now make no mistake, a) he’s very entitled to quit if he feels he can’t handle something, and b) no one would doubt that there’s stress in running a major college football program.

But more stress?  No way.

Urban, you’ve got

  • Money to leave your family financially affluent for the rest of your life, even if you never work another day
  • 24/7 access to medical, exercise, and nutrition facilities
  • Legions of ‘minions’ at your beck and call, to handle all tactical needs
  • etc. etc.

You think the guy in the cubicle trying to get off in time to make Jr.’s football practice and figure out how to pay for Janie’s tuition next semester after the transmission just failed, feels sorry for you?


It’s like I’ve always said, about both ‘time’ and ‘stress’:  Go find a lottery winner, from two years or more in past.  Interview them, and listen to how much ‘time’ they don’t have and how ‘stressed’ they are.

In other words, its all relevant.


I’m an avid weightlifter, and this injury sounds terrible.  Can’t imagine how it happened, especially since he had a spotter.

Top 3

The best 3 professional athletes who dominated during their run, in my lifetime; in order

  • 3.
  • 2.
  • 1. And my man, still leading after 3 days for yet ANOTHER major