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Forrester Wave™: Agile Development Management Tools, Q2 2010

Some pretty interesting tidbits, and overall I thought pretty comprehensive.  Wasn’t surprised to see Rational and Rally at top, was some to see MKS.

Also loved the methodology numbers:

Agile 35%
Iterative 21%
Waterfall 13%

Really?  2010, and a third of respondents (IT “professionals”) are happy to reply “nothing”?  Is that leadership? What exactly are they getting paid to do?


ALM vendor Q&A

Pretty interesting Q&A here, with Micro Focus.

Don’t know that I fully followed the discourse on them and OpenALM now, but big thumbs up on

  • “focusing more energy and effort around the early [Requirements] stages”
  • “drive to agile methodologies is critical”
  • “fully committed to moving into cloud as fast as possible”


Extremely impressed with the vision of this company.

A sole focus on Collaborative ALM (via Rational Jazz) served up to clients as SaaS.  What organization couldn’t benefit, from that?

clap, clap, clap

And now you see yet another benefit of the Jazz architecture.  The only real question is why Rational wasn’t sooner, to the space.

free is always good

Small development teams (up to 10) should take advantage of this; Team Concert truly can be a game changer for maturing development staffs, and can’t beat that price…

requirements leading into modeling

Demo out, showing the connection between Requirements Composer, and Software Architect.  Exciting stuff!

RRC 2.0

Sorry for the lack of activity, have been working on a new whitepaper :^)

But be  sure and check out this great description of the updated Rational Requirements Composer 2.0

And have a happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

major news, on the ALM front

Visual Studio finally builds a bridge, to Eclipse

Will really help Microsoft, down the road; and be an additional challenge for Rational, Borland, MKS, et al.  Very smart move.

ALM news

MKS’ Integrity suite gets broader….


Ok, I can certainly admire Rational for doing this, but at the same time wonder if its the best idea……