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trend reversal?

(source: LinkedIn)


laid off chronicle

Pretty interesting blog, if you follow it, of a fellow IBMer who was impacted by resource actions of last year.

He makes some good points, in it.

cities forecasting job growth

Wow, good for west central Georgia’s Columbus, where I once lived….

CCC documentary

Can not recommend this American Experience episode enough, for fellow History buffs.

The libertarian in me will always question the creation of federal government programs in the Keynesian tradition; but if its going to be done there will never be a greater model to emulate than that of the CCC

“a very good time for a Rand resurgence”

Despite what one might think about Mark Sandford, he’s correct here.  All would be wise to re-visit her philosophies, and  suppress this culture of …dependence.

‘vague and slippery promises’

Wow, so even the most radical liberal of all, recognizes the absurdity of this administration’s Healthcare reform ‘plans’.   Not to mention sees the hypocrisy of denouncing concerned citizens as ‘mobs’… That’s saying something.

Worth pondering

I’ve admittedly just ran across this, but find it highly…..challenging, to say the least.  And intriguing.  I’m no protectionist, but…..there’s some really great points in here, particularly at the disfunction of shipping out high-skill jobs.

sing it from the rooftops

Hope so Alan, and hope businesses are listening… So they’ll stop being ‘scared’ and start hiring.  That’s the only thing really left to get things back to normal.