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sure hope so, but….

…..productivity gains have been maxed for a long time, this column on how hiring is due to finally pick up could’ve been wrote a year ago, in my opinion.



Very interesting analysis, and not in the least bit surprising, honestly #duh

MIS majors = satisfied

Found these satisfaction results to be interesting.  I was always amazed at students who based major choices more on ‘interest level’ than career prospects…


but, like, it’s supposed to all be about me

“The secret of being a bore is to say everything.”  Now there’s a ‘facebook status’ for ya.  Great column, on the naivety of Millenials, in organizations.

first Vista, now this

This was a pretty stunning announcement, if you stop to think about it.

Protectionist issues aside, I find it even more interesting from an organizational standpoint.  Don’t you as a leading software company begin to lose some of your creditability and thought capital organizationally over time, with a choice like this?

“a big national experiment on stress”

Distressing article to be sure, but well done and a must read for all: America Transformed

org. disfunction

I’ve become convinced more and more, of late, that IT organizations in business would do a lot better to recognize their culture and prioritize mapping potential resources (people) to it.  Instead of being so consumed with ‘hard’ skills only — and not fit.

I’m amazed at how many organizations focus on ‘checklists’ at the expense of soft skills fit — and then remain amazed at continuing poor results in the eyes of their stakeholders.