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great weightlifting resource

Great must-share site, for fellow avid weightlifters.
Can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.
Clean, organized directory of exercises and their variations.



I’m an avid weightlifter, and this injury sounds terrible.  Can’t imagine how it happened, especially since he had a spotter.

an assault on common sense

Who is this tool, and how on earth did Time magazine let him come to disgrace their reputation? Has there ever been a more patently silly, and common sense-insulting piece ever written?

I don’t even know where to begin, with this:

  • For starters, I thought only idiots still related ‘weight’ to health, but guess I was wrong.  Clearly there’s a whole audience out there that still thinks weight is a better measure of health than body fat percentage.  Because, you know, when you have pounds and pounds of lean muscle that’s bad.  Us fools in the gym are wasting our time when we drop inches off our waist, because that lean muscle we build, like, weighs a lot.
  • So the claim — unproven of course — that “many people eat more …like doughnuts — after going to the gym” means exercise, and not self control, is the problem?? Right….
  • Of course why should I be surprised, this dweeb is writing about ‘VersaClimbers’ and ‘stair mills’ and (snicker) “body wedge” classes.  Not even a mention of pushing some dang IRON around.  And then he talks about quote rewarding himself at the ‘blueberry bar’ — whatever that is.
  • On top of that, I’d bet a mortgage payment he’s one of those who does the same routine, year after year, never changing, which his body is completely and totally adapted to — and therefore is never really exerting itself anymore, to begin with.
  • And here’s a tip — the fact that for years the American Medical community was clueless about exercise is no feather in your cap.  It is well noted that American medicine, due to its late start compared to rest of the world, has always focused on treating problems over preventing them in the first place.
  • Here’s a standing offer ‘John’.  Drop out of “body wedge” class for a week and come push some plates with me.  squats1
    When your body is then rejecting “doughnuts” because it needs lean protein to recover so bad, and you’ve already lost a pants size, we can re-visit how worried you still are about “weight”.

Luckily, many smarter people are expressing their dismay at such a shoddy piece, so one can only hope rebukes will get as much readership as the source.

But Time, you should be ashamed.