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With the advent of Google + I see blogs as no longer relevant.  But by all means, come look me up over there….


Google’s multiple battlepoints

Excellent summary of the varying battles being played out, by Google…..

but is there an alternate route?

ok, this is pretty good, guys at Google:

1. Go to Google Maps.

2. Go to “Get Directions”.

3.Type USA as the start location.

4. Type China as the end location.

5. Go to step #44.  And #104.

6 Laugh

…still the same…

Interesting numbers.  Not regarding Firefox or Safari, but the IE – Chrome distance (still).  Yet more evidence that perception rarely equals reality, when it comes to Microsoft…..

can’t (yet) get there, from here

Google hiccups in trying to become a big boy.  The lesson?  Software for the enterprise is a whole other ballgame, than it is for a consumer base…

And, of course, its all about quality Requirements Definition.  But then that’s a given, isn’t it?


I referenced Go once before, and am glad to see Google execs talking about it now publicly.  I for one am very interested to see if developers flock to it, if for no other reason than based on Google being behind it…

Gcal tip

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, just been super busy….

Here’s a great tip I ran across, for Google Calendar users needing to import an ICS.  The key evidently is the whole ‘Make the calendar publicly accessible’ thing…

Goog phone update

sad (for me) update on the Google phone, appears even though it will be sold open its GSM so I guess that means only AT&T or T-Mobile, in US. Since I’ve never heard anything good about those two carriers, guess I’ll have to shoot for Droid on Verizon instead…

want it


push Gmail directly to Gcal?

This is yet another nifty trick from Gmail’s labs, that I found from searching for something else.

But surprisingly, what I was searching for is simpler, yet doesn’t seem to exist.  And that was simply a way to ‘push’ out an email directly to the calendar (in the ‘description’ field), whereby you could just then assign the date/time parameters as needed.

And yes, I know about copy and paste, but hey that requires like, alt-tab and stuff :^)

Or maybe it does exist and I just didn’t find?  Seems simple enough….