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Google’s multiple battlepoints

Excellent summary of the varying battles being played out, by Google…..


sure hope so, but….

…..productivity gains have been maxed for a long time, this column on how hiring is due to finally pick up could’ve been wrote a year ago, in my opinion.

a disappearing dysfunction though, fortunately

Well of course they are.  Its called shelfware.  It happens – over and over – because companies (i.e. the Buyers) buy based on ‘contractual’ terms, instead of true need.

The good news?  SaaS will eliminate this dysfunction over time.  Because SaaS = pay only for what you consume :^)


Very interesting analysis, and not in the least bit surprising, honestly #duh

Vendor Emphasis, in Cloud focus

Good ‘summary of vendor emphasis’ I thought, contained in this Gartner release on cloud future…

MIS majors = satisfied

Found these satisfaction results to be interesting.  I was always amazed at students who based major choices more on ‘interest level’ than career prospects…



Was interviewed regarding Let’s Get Real, my favorite consultative selling resource, at Bloomfire…

but, like, it’s supposed to all be about me

“The secret of being a bore is to say everything.”  Now there’s a ‘facebook status’ for ya.  Great column, on the naivety of Millenials, in organizations.

slowly dying model

“5 years” is too aggressive, but long term this projection re: outsourcing is dead on.

Also nice to see someone recognize in print, the impact SaaS will eventually have in on-shoring :^)

…still the same…

Interesting numbers.  Not regarding Firefox or Safari, but the IE – Chrome distance (still).  Yet more evidence that perception rarely equals reality, when it comes to Microsoft…..