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…still the same…

Interesting numbers.  Not regarding Firefox or Safari, but the IE – Chrome distance (still).  Yet more evidence that perception rarely equals reality, when it comes to Microsoft…..


apples to oranges

“I don’t know if they have to compete,” he said. “What seems to be working for Microsoft is its serious applications for businesses, education institutions and other enterprises, and if they stay focused on their commercial business that gives them a lot.”


Which is why news articles titled like this one was are misleading, in terms of a company’s overall vitality.

first Vista, now this

This was a pretty stunning announcement, if you stop to think about it.

Protectionist issues aside, I find it even more interesting from an organizational standpoint.  Don’t you as a leading software company begin to lose some of your creditability and thought capital organizationally over time, with a choice like this?

new vs. old

Pretty interesting presentation.  Not sure things will be as dire longterm for MS as he imagines; but I fully agree with him regarding the Cloud:

opening up Outlook

Interesting move by MS.  A little late though, it seems.  There was a time that this could have really insured Outlook as a corporate standard…..


I agree with The Business Pundit’s take on the MS-Yahoo deal — mostly.   At the end of the day software functionality will always win out. (And I’ve really been impressed with Bing.)

But search advertising is HUGE. One doesn’t have to “win”, to still add major $ to the bottom line.  A 45% market share, with Google still having the majority, for instance, would be phenomenal.