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validating television broadcasting’s worth

Absolutely can not recommend enough, this new series on The History Channel.  Over 2 years in development; they’ve found all this new WWII film and digitized it in a non-cheesy way, and it is utterly compelling.

Truly must see, the kind of experience you don’t even want to end after 2 hours…


great read

Have finally gotten around to reading Ecology of a Cracker Childhood.  Can’t believe its taken this long.  What a great and (actually realistic) southern book.

varied recurring events, in Google Calendar

Pretty easy to set up those recurring,  ‘every Monday/Wednesday calls’ once I realized that new parameters become available once you select a general time structure, first….

review anything

Haven’t used this yet, but love the idea.  I’ve always felt that one of the most empowering capabilities of the internet/web is the enablement of consumers — of giving them a voice.  And likewise, enabling forward-thinking companies to be responsive…

working with Rates that vary

Aha, so SUMPRODUCT() is your friend, when calculating sliding scales. Good to know, takes a lot of work out of things like commission schedules….