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a disappearing dysfunction though, fortunately

Well of course they are.  Its called shelfware.  It happens – over and over – because companies (i.e. the Buyers) buy based on ‘contractual’ terms, instead of true need.

The good news?  SaaS will eliminate this dysfunction over time.  Because SaaS = pay only for what you consume :^)


Vendor Emphasis, in Cloud focus

Good ‘summary of vendor emphasis’ I thought, contained in this Gartner release on cloud future…

slowly dying model

“5 years” is too aggressive, but long term this projection re: outsourcing is dead on.

Also nice to see someone recognize in print, the impact SaaS will eventually have in on-shoring :^)

can’t (yet) get there, from here

Google hiccups in trying to become a big boy.  The lesson?  Software for the enterprise is a whole other ballgame, than it is for a consumer base…

And, of course, its all about quality Requirements Definition.  But then that’s a given, isn’t it?

getting started w/ online collab, for free :^)

New WebEx offering, check it out!

Cloud survey data

If you have the time, this is a great read I came across in some Collaboration SaaS research I’ve been doing, regarding current opinion on the cloud

ALM vendor Q&A

Pretty interesting Q&A here, with Micro Focus.

Don’t know that I fully followed the discourse on them and OpenALM now, but big thumbs up on

  • “focusing more energy and effort around the early [Requirements] stages”
  • “drive to agile methodologies is critical”
  • “fully committed to moving into cloud as fast as possible”


Extremely impressed with the vision of this company.

A sole focus on Collaborative ALM (via Rational Jazz) served up to clients as SaaS.  What organization couldn’t benefit, from that?

“You should start now”

App development on the cloud.

Ya think?

But in all seriousness, its good for Forrester to issue such a proclamation, for the more conservative enterprises.

packaging for the cloud

Thought-provoking proposal (I think, at least) on the concept of ‘packaging’ software, for ease of deployment on any arbitrary cloud service