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Google’s multiple battlepoints

Excellent summary of the varying battles being played out, by Google…..


who needs privacy, as long as you’re ‘hip’

The sad thing is, this probably makes most of the Apple cultists I know, happy.

vain status updates = baby polar bear dies

Just have to love it when dramatic ‘politically correct’ PR efforts go awry….

don’t call it a comeback

As I’ve shared before, I’m a big fan of email, and always am surprised at the bad rap it gets.  Here’s yet more data showing that when it comes to marketing, consumers actually still prefer it, regardless of the reputation social techniques currently have…

good for them

Wow, fascinating concept that Panera is trying.  It will be very interesting to see if it truly scales, though…..

ok so now I get it

The other day I referenced a notice about Twitter’s new lists.  Now that I got to use the Beta, I ‘get’ the value better.  Its a great way to decrease the number of people you follow.  For instance, I’m a big college football fan so I created a list of people I followed who write about that.  And now that I have them in a list, I don’t have to follow them any more as an individual, as they just show up on the list’s page.

So a great organizational tool.


I like this new Twitter functionality, but at the same time it seems….quite complex.  You know, for what (is supposed to be simple) micro-blogging…


These are great tips, I’m sure.  But I just wonder how many times realists get mis-identified as ‘pessimists‘.  Because while I’ve encountered many realists in organizations, I haven’t seen as many true pessimists.  And I fear sometimes the peppy, cheerleader type personalities can incorrectly assess realists, due to ( a type of feeling of) threat…

well, yeah….

Right.  See this is my theory regarding all the social networks.  Their novelty wears off after a while.  I mean, when they’re hot they are no doubt hot, but they then begin to fade over time.

Unless they provide sustainable value (and not just ‘fun’), their usage drops off over time.    LinkedIn is the best example of one that sustains value.  And as much as I at first thought Twitter was dumb, and couldn’t beleive all the hype it was getting, I actually now see some value in it — for the right kinds of users (business, service providers, et al.)

However ‘Johnny’ reporting on what he’s having for dinner, is still dumb, and ridiculously ego-tastic :^)