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a disappearing dysfunction though, fortunately

Well of course they are.  Its called shelfware.  It happens – over and over – because companies (i.e. the Buyers) buy based on ‘contractual’ terms, instead of true need.

The good news?  SaaS will eliminate this dysfunction over time.  Because SaaS = pay only for what you consume :^)



I referenced Go once before, and am glad to see Google execs talking about it now publicly.  I for one am very interested to see if developers flock to it, if for no other reason than based on Google being behind it…

Change, and emerging technologies

Thought provoking column here, by CEO.

On the one hand I agree with his analysis of paradigm shift, and how dangerous it can be to entrench too deeply.  But, at the same time, his viewpoint seems too……consumer focused.  The more established enterprise vendors can still be viable, even if they aren’t leading in emerging spaces.  And in fact, they can (with Cash) buy into “emerging” eventually, if they are willing to face the music.

That’s why of everything he said, the most applicable to my way of thinking is “change …is difficult to hear in companies that rank seniority over insight.”  That is extremely true.  But its difficult to see major enterprise vendors being wholly devoid of insight.  IBM’s and Microsoft’s are like large ships; they may turn slowly, but eventually they do turn.

new VS

Good early marks for latest release of Visual Studio.

Not really surprising, as Microsoft’s always been under-appreciated for its IDE capabilities…

meet the new boss….same as the old…

Ahh, how things change.  I remember when ‘java‘ was poised (in the industry press) to take over the world, and all those poor microsoft ‘business’ developers and webheads had no future :^)


Found this to be a pretty good summary/overview of all the recent acquisitions activity in Enterprise Software, of late.  Regardless of the whole ‘grading’ thing author attempts to do…

‘free’ is always good

Pretty useful list of Free Tools worth checking out.  I knew a lot of them already, but a few new (to me) gems in there

ladies and gentlemen….

…introducing…..the future

RRC 2.0

Sorry for the lack of activity, have been working on a new whitepaper :^)

But be  sure and check out this great description of the updated Rational Requirements Composer 2.0

And have a happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

more innovation from Google

Not sure that the world needed another programming language, but……here we “go”….